At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
About Us – SpecServices

About Us

SpecServices – a little bit about us


At SpecServices we are committed to the production and dispensing of high quality prescription glasses. Our physical presence began in 1984 with the aim to provide low cost, high quality eyewear for our customers. Over the years, fashion and technology in the optical world have changed dramatically, however, we have maintained our low prices and high quality to ensure our customers’ continued satisfaction and loyalty.

In 2013 we launched our online e-commerce store with a cutting edge website developed around the end-user to provide a fast and effective online shopping experience.

We Own Our Labs


Many eyewear stores send your glasses away to be made with your prescription; however, we own our lab and together with our opticians and technicians we’re able to ensure high quality prescription glasses at a low cost. As we hold a large range of lenses and frames in stock we can even dispatch orders within 48hrs – something you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

Quality Assurance


Our lab technicians are fully trained and qualified to set up and operate the machines we use to cut, grind and polish lenses. We pay close attention to detail in order to correctly identify the lens and frame specifications from the prescription. Using special lens-measuring equipment we can mark lens blanks accordingly before fitting them into your glasses. Once your glasses are ready for dispatch a final inspection is made to make sure it meets our high quality standards. At SpecServices we use the latest in prescription lab technology, the Essilor Kappa. This Machine has been developed to streamline the finishing process and to improve quality as well as virtually eliminating every manual step in the finishing process.

The Team @

67 Station Rd
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 8064 0960

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